Friday, 22 August 2014

Calling all crafters...Strawflower!

Strawflowers, often called Everlasting Daisy and Paper Daisy, are native to Australia. However, this animated and vibrant plant produces blooms that are quite distinctive— and yes, blooms that are truly fascinating.  Strawflowers contain lesser moisture than other flowers, making them ideal for drying. Hence for fresh floral arrangement, it is best to pick strawflowers in the morning when they contain highest amounts of moisture. Strawflowers naturally feel papery and straw-like, which differentiate them from other members of the daisy family.  Their long lasting vase life is also one of the reasons why gardeners, florists & crafters love them!  The Strawflower serves as food for butterflies, moths, bees, beetles & grasshoppers visit the flower heads!

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