Friday, 30 January 2015

Classic climbers...Clematis Vines!

These classic climbers produce the most glorious and colourful blooms!  They will gladly crawl up fences, a trellis, or wall to reach a height of six feet! Plant in a large container or right in your garden where there is lots of bright sun. For and extra kick of colour, add several varieties to bloom together for a bright medley of  blooms in your garden!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 the Daylilies!

Yes, they are edible, both the blossom and the bud, toss them in your next stir-fry!  Buds that are smallish & just beginning to open are best.  The Common Lily is the one to choose, and not the Easter Lily.  Try a little adventure in your cooking, and like Jimmy Walker would say ... 'Dy-no-mite'!

Thoughts of warm Spring days!

Oh, the warmth of a new Spring day, can it be far off?  While we come to grips with the seemingly long, cold days of Winter, we can dream!  Certainly busy little bees will have their work cut out for them soon.  The worker bees will be all a-buzz, with their collection of pollen for the making of honey.  Now that's a thought to keep us warm!

Monday, 26 January 2015

The Wild Rose!

An ancestor of the modern garden rose, the wild rose is a perennial shrub that grows for many years. The rose flowers are ever so fragrant, large and are white or shades of pink.  The rosehip or bud is produced after the flower has finished blooming, which stay on the bush all winter.  Common habitat for these wild roses can be found in rocky slopes, open forests and and fields.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Queen of the tropics~Hibiscus Orange Lagos!

Hibiscus Orange Lagos is an explosion of colour, living up to it's nickname 'Queen of the Tropics'! The lush hot pink center is surrounded by it's vibrant spicy orange colour.  These extraordinary hibiscus plants are ever-blooming in tropical climates, but are also make excellent houseplants.  A bold move to add a huge splash of colour to your home!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Here's tropical Bromeliad!

From the tropical plant's the purple Bromeliad.  It may still be Winter here, but this spectacular tropical plant comes in an array of colours, some almost fluorescent!  They can be happy their entire lives as a potted plant on a window sill.  So easy to maintain with just a little water added to the rosette of the plant, and not the roots.  Why not try one and take in it's charming beauty?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Spring Fever~Red Hot Zinnia!

While we are still in the throes of Winter, this red hot Zinnia is sure to bring some heat into the cold temperatures!  A gorgeous floral bloom that is sure to beautify any room in your home!  Fresh cut zinnias sparkle in a vase on a cold day with instant red hot colour to spread affection & love!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

'Why do you build me up~Buttercup~Baby'...

Ever get a tune in your head that just stays there?  Well, that song and this vibrant yellow buttercup flower are sure to do just that!  These wildflowers with their shiny yellow petals grow just about anywhere.  The yellow buttercup's name is based on this wild yellow flower, and while there are other buttercup plants (even a pumpkin), Buttercup can also be a girl's name!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Colour panache...Burgandy Dhalia!

A burst of Summer colour is easy to come by with this eye-popping burgandy colour Dhalia!  These plants are available in sizes from petite to enormous. With such a selection in sizes, it is easy to fit into any space in your garden. Cut blooms of Dhalias are also a popular choice, sure to be found in many bouquets!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Purple Power Phlox!

When these beauties are in bloom, they are a sight to behold!  This plant is stacked with star shaped blooms throughout Spring & Summer!  Whether attracting birds or butterflies to your garden, or just arranging cut blooms in a vase, they are sure to brighten anyone's day!

Monday, 19 January 2015

A bright spot...with Gerbera Daisy!

While we are longing for Spring, we can think back to the brightness of gardens past.  This bright splash of colour will soon make it's re-appearance, all in due course.  These striking large flowers come in shades of orange, yellow, pink, white and red.  Choose your favourite colour, or plant them all...come Spring!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Elegance & Fascination...Rainbow Orchid!

The orchid's symbolism of elegance fascinates plant enthusiasts.  While admired as potted plants, it is also wildly popular as a corsage worn at any special event! Love plants and pets?...this species is non-toxic to cats and dogs!  Enjoy a rainbow orchid's beauty in your home or office...ahhh!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Daisy-Head Mayzie & Dr Seuss!

The last book officially written by Dr Seuss?...'Daisy-Head Mayzie'!  A book he did not illustrate; it was published after his 1995 death.  If you are a Dr Seuss fan, read all about this fairy tale of a girl named Mayzie who sprouts a white daisy on her head!  Sure to be loads of fun for kids from 1-99!

Iris in Greek?..."Rainbow"!

"With striking uniqueness and beauty, Irises have rich meanings, and when given as gifts, they can convey deep sentiments. With over 200 varieties in a wide spectrum of colors, the iris, which fittingly takes its name from the Greek word for “rainbow,” can be found in virtually every part of the world, growing both naturally and in farms. While garden irises can come in any of these many varieties, the flower’s cut versions are mostly blue (the most popular type), white, and yellow."