Monday, 30 November 2015

Splash Petal Orchid!

Splash Petal Orchids ~ It is easy to become enthralled with this gorgeous flowering orchid. The term 'splash petal' refers to the watercolour edge markings on the petals. As though painted on by a brush, they are strikingly different from other orchids that are of a singular colour. The 'splashing' from the flower's lip onto it's petal is referred to as peloria. The colour range available is endless, including combinations of lavender, green, purple, yellow & orange, forming explosions of colour. All this glorious colour, in these orchids only bloom once per year, but well worth the wait! 

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  1. very colorful site. I dont think you have left any flower untouched on the face of the earth. A very detail description has been given about every flower