Friday, 11 December 2015

Poinsettia...a Christmas Flower

One of the most popular symbols of the Holiday season at Christmastime, the Poinsettia!  The traditional scarlet red hue is a stand out amongst all the colours & varieties available today. Credit of this widely popular plant goes to Joel Roberts Poinsett, who while visiting Mexico, brought back plants to South Carolina. After introduction of this beautiful plant in 1828, it became popular by the 20th century & known as the Poinsettia; when people learned who brought the plants to America. December 12th, is in fact, National Poinsettia Day, a tribute to Dr. Poinsett upon his passing in 1851. 


  1. Joanne, I always wondered what this flower was but my laziness never allowed me to search for it. Thank you for giving this small peice oon information.

  2. Thanks for sharing the history of the red flower. It is non familiar to many of us but still we like this flower.